About Us

Welcome to the Schools Linking Network

SLN is a national charity that supports young people, schools and local authorities to explore identity, diversity, equality and community, using four key questions: Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? How do we all live together?

Connect: Linking young people, teachers, schools and communities

Communicate: Encouraging dialogue and critical thinking

Transform: Supporting long-term impact and change

Formally established in 2007 to work with schools and local authorities across England, with the support of the then Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Pears Foundation, SLN has a proven track record in creating and delivering quality resources and continuing professional development for headteachers, senior school leaders, classroom teachers and education practitioners.

Prior to the establishment of SLN, successful pilot linking projects had been operating in Bradford since 2001, and in London since 2006.

We work with around 20 local authorities, over 1,000 individual schools and a growing number of non-governmental organisations. More than 100 local authority advisors and 2,000 teachers have been trained and supported in developing and sustaining linking projects, which have engaged approximately 63,000 children and young people countrywide.

We offer comprehensive CPD training, quality resources and online support and advice for local authority advisors and teachers, as well as a range of tailored programmes for young people, including the SLN-Model United Nations events.

Students need to learn the skills of enquiry, critical thinking, questioning and debating whilst developing empathy and understanding of contribution, in a whole range of ways. Educators need to feel comfortable with the notion of open-ended discussion and to welcome student voice as part of a true democratic process.

Schools Linking Network