Feedback from participants in SLN linking programmes and courses.

Whether you’re an SLN practitioner, a participant on a programme, or a spectator of our work, we’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and experiences by emailing info@schoolslinkingnetwork.org.uk.


The SLN-MUN is an excellent example of how young people can enjoy activities that are serious, rigorous and demanding, and thrive while doing so. Tariq Bashir, Project Manager, ‘Who Is Your Neighbour?’, May 2014


A brilliant insight into SMSC. Much more confident in my role. Great ideas and resources. Advisors professional and well informed. Director of Extended Learning, Secondary School, Merseyside, April 2014


Superb course leaders, engaging and knowledgeable. SMSC Leader, Primary School, Bolton, March 2014


The day has given me the opportunity to map out the provision of SMSC in our school. Teacher, Primary School, Bolton, March 2014


Wealth of realistic advice and ideas. Great speakers with real-life experience, particularly on Ofsted. Family Coordinator, Primary School, Swindon, November 2013



We have continued our amazing link with Iqra Primary School over the past year. This link helps our children and families to understand and appreciate cultural diversity and has continued to be an extremely valuable tool for supporting school improvement. Linking Coordinator, Primary School, Bradford


95.2% in Year Six have made two levels of progress in their writing as a result of our linking work and the outdoor learning opportunities that this work provided. Headteacher, Primary School, Bradford


The SLN project has strong links with SMSC and we learned that engagement with linking activities and experiences led to measurable improvements in speaking, listening and writing. Manager, Kent County Council


The SLN programme enabled opportunities for high-quality communication and effective feedback to children from adults and attainment because of this increased. The linking programme as a whole provides effective communication that enables each child to get positive feedback about themselves through the speaking and listening work that is central to linking. Headteacher, Bradford


This is one of the best courses that I have attended in a long time! The resources are most valuable and the presentation was excellent! Time flew! Headteacher, London


Enthusiastic and knowledgeable leaders, very warm and approachable. All-round excellence. Primary School Teacher, London


Excellent delivery of training by trainers. Primary School Teacher, Bradford


Really useful training that has inspired me as a teacher to develop children’s awareness of themselves as individuals and as part of a wider diverse community. Primary School Teacher, Bolton


SLN are a fantastic team and always supportive, encouraging and relaxed in their approach. Thanks again. Pupil Wellbeing, Primary School, Bradford


Experienced hands-on professionals. Headteacher, Primary School, Gloucestershire


SLN is a force for good in Bradford and for cohesion in general. All schools should engage in linking not only to promote cohesion but also to make sure their work on SMSC is central to their pupils’ development. Facilitator at Consortia Of Ethnic Minority Organisations (COEMO) event, Bradford


SLN is absolutely vital and delivers fantastic work; it creates amongst all participants the long-term conditions for dialogue, debate, information sharing and challenge. There is a real need for the work of SLN to be promoted and to be continued. David Ward, MP Bradford East


Thinking about SMSC? Think no further. This course met all our objectives. Informative, practical, quality, tried and tested resources rooted in the classroom – gets you ready for Ofsted! Janet Parkinson, Headteacher, Haworth Primary, and Chair, Worth Valley Learning Network


The work of SLN is highly regarded by Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Kath Tunstall, Strategic Director, Children’s Services, Bradford Metropolitan District Council


I just wanted to pass on our thanks for a superb day yesterday and for the preparation days that led up to it. Our students have been highly engaged since day one, none of whom are from the “gifted & talented” cohort that traditionally excel at debate or for whom public speaking is embedded early by tertiary-educated parents… Ben Ackland, Head of Year 13, Hampstead School, London on the SLN Cross-London SLN-MUN Event in May 2012. Follow the link to read the full version of Ben Ackland’s Letter of Endorsement


This is one of the richest educational experiences I have ever observed. Fred Corbett, (Former) Assistant Director of Children’s Services at Norfolk County Council on attending the Norfolk SLN-MUN Conference, March 2012


I thought it would be good and it was. I really learnt a lot from the whole experience. Student, Norfolk SLN-MUN Conference, March 2012


The SLN course on SMSC provides a fantastic opportunity for participants to think about what Ofsted now requires in terms of spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) education against their own core values about what they believe schools are for. The course is very practical, providing a deep insight into definitions and  inspection expectations, but it also provides some space and time to discuss how SMSC can run through all aspects of school life and make a real impact on learning and relationships. Keith Ajegbo, Chair of SLN Board of Trusteesauthor of Curriculum Review Diversity and Citizenship, Jan 2007


The Schools Linking Network’s resources and support are excellent. Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT). ACT is the professional association for teachers delivering citizenship education in England. They are a membership organisation supporting teachers and schools with resources, advice and information.


Reflection time and appropriate questioning led to a reflective discussion regarding difference and similarities. Children demonstrated insight and sensitivity in relation to the other class. The impact on pupils was more significant than I anticipated; they and I found it an emotional and spiritual journey, requiring us to reflect on our values and beliefs. Bev Lynch, The Greetland Academy following the SLN CPD2 Session in Calderdale in January 2012


This has been a great opportunity to find out more about a scheme that can help my school fulfil the SMSC duties in a meaningful and non-tokenistic way. Primary School Teacher, SLN Programme, Derbyshire


All partner organisations have expressed a strong desire to continue working with SLN next year and beyond to spread the impact. Advisor, SLN Programme, Luton


This has been a fantastic project which has really made a difference to our pupils. Many of them had little experience of those from backgrounds different to them and they have been surprised about how much they have in common. Not only has it been great for them to build these relationships: it has also given them more confidence and helped them to settle into school better, which is an added bonus! Assistant Headteacher, Secondary School, Rotherham


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