Our Aims

Connect: Linking young people, teachers, schools and communities

Communicate: Encouraging dialogue and critical thinking

Transform: Supporting long-term impact and change

  • To enable whole-school communities to improve performance through increased understanding of identity, diversity, equality and community, helping to raise achievement and aspiration of all learners.
  • To develop all learners’ understanding of trust, empathy, awareness and respect.
  • To provide all learners with the opportunity to develop skills of dialogue, enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and communication.
  • To support young people, schools and local authorities with effective and measurable learning programmes, which allow all learners to achieve a sense of connection and become active and responsible citizens.
  • To create and deliver effective support, training and resources for practitioners that impacts on all learners.
  • To support practitioners to draw upon deep understanding of their own communities and to build a relevant curriculum for all learners.

Our work provides children and young people with a way to safely express their fears and aspirations and with a place to test out whether some of the things they hear are true. Through the exploration of four key questions, we aim to develop and deepen children’s and young people’s knowledge and understanding of equality, identity, diversity and community.

Evidence shows that our school linking programmes help to motivate and encourage children and young people to develop critical thinking, research and communication skills, as well as to provide a creative outlet and improve confidence levels and self-esteem. School and local authority staff also benefit from involvement in the programme through access to new teaching methods and professional development.