Case Studies

SLN supports local authorities, schools and young people across the country to explore identity, diversity, equality and community.  Our case studies illustrate the range of projects we have worked on and what their success has meant for the students and teachers involved.


SLN-MUN events engage students in current world affairs and present an opportunity for young people to explore controversial issues through the ‘four key questions’.

Primary Schools

Primary linking is a powerful tool to contribute to community cohesion, and the various models used are easily adapted to suit the needs of the schools involved.

Secondary Schools

Secondary linking helps schools to encourage young people to address the issues relating to identity, diversity, equality and community in a creative, learning environment.

Cross Phase

Cross phase linking, across different age and year groups, helps to expand students learning beyond that, which can normally be achieved from working with one age group.

SLN Celebrations

Linking around the ‘Who Do We Think We Are’ project, looking at themes including school, community, history, settlement, faith and national identity.