About Our Training

SLN provides training courses and continuous professional development for headteachers, senior school leaders, classroom teachers and local authority practitioners.

Working with primary, secondary and special school teaching staff, teachers from post-16 settings and other educational organisations, SLN supports schools to develop a stronger community focus and ethos with greater connection to the local community they serve.

Why School Linking?

  • A vehicle for the development of a positive and inclusive school ethos.
  • A model of experiential learning and reflective practice; a proven powerful way to enhance learning.
  • Partnership working between schools and their local community.
  • Partnership working between schools, sharing best practice.
  • Develops children and young people’s critical thinking skills and understanding of social responsibility.

Our experience has shown us that in order to have an effective link with a positive impact, making a link with another school or group of schools requires careful thought, planning and reflection.

Please visit the individual course sites for details of our current training schedule.