Below are some examples of feedback from delegates who have attended the SLN spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development CPD.

The reason we chose SLN as a provider was because we heard excellent feedback from another Oldham Head, who had attended the SMSC development workshop previously. We definitely were not disappointed. We have run the programme twice. Each workshop has reached maximum capacity and feedback has been excellent regarding both delivery and resources. It is the first time ever on the evaluation form that we have had two participants scoring 5+! We will definitely be using SLN again.

Teaching School Strategic Lead, Schools with Schools, Kingfisher Community Special School


Another thought-provoking training session from SLN, a good balance of activities, anecdotes, resources and Ofsted information. Local Authority Advisor, Stockport, October 2013


Have gained huge knowledge in how to support a school to develop SMSC within all areas of school life. Local Authority Advisor, Milton Keynes, October 2013


Valuable and informative, content delivered with real pace. Thanks! Deputy Headteacher, Primary School, Bromley July 2013


This is one of the best courses that I have attended in a long time! The resources are most valuable and the presentation was excellent! Time flew! Headteacher, Secondary School, London, July 2013


The course was fantastic. It gave me, a non-teacher, a really good understanding of SMSC development. Director, Head Up CIC, June 2013


Excellent delivery by very enthusiastic practitioners. Outreach Support Teacher, Bolton, June 2013


Previously unsure what our SMSC development requirements were but now clear and inspired to start embedding this learning into lessons. Education and Skills Manager, Bradford YMCA, June 2013


Saved me lots of time as the resources and ideas fitted perfectly within our linking work. I look forward to continuing the training next year. Primary School Teacher, Bolton, June 2013


Gained a much clearer understanding of SMSC development across the curriculum. Primary School Teacher, Bradford, June 2013


A great confidence builder and really good for looking at new emphasis in Ofsted terms but also clear connections with other agendas.  Local Authority Advisor, Derby, June 2013


Many thanks! Even more fantastic than last time! SMSC Lead, Primary School, Gloucestershire, May 2013


 A wealth of information and advice on how to put SMSC into practice. Teacher of Religious Studies, Secondary School, Leicester, May 2013


Brilliant for preparing for Ofsted, everything addressed. Best course I have ever attended! Primary School Teacher, Gloucestershire, May 2013


The best course I have attended in a very long time – really useful and lots of ideas and resources to take away.  Headteacher, Primary School, Gloucestershire, May 2013 


Superb resources and explanations from tutors. Co-ordinator of English, Secondary School, Wakefield, March 2013


The SLN course on SMSC provides a fantastic opportunity for participants to think about what Ofsted now requires in terms of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education against their own core values about what they believe schools are for. The course is very practical, providing a deep insight into definitions and inspection expectations, but it also provides some space and time to discuss how SMSC can run through all aspects of school life and make a real impact on learning and relationships. Keith Ajegbo, Former Chair of SLN Board of Trustees, Author of Curriculum Review Diversity and Citizenship


Thanks to the content of this course staff will have a greater understanding of what SMSC looks like, and have practical ideas to support it in lessons. Sue Hobson, Feversham Primary, Bradford


You have given me lots of ideas and re-energised me to lead the school forward on this area. Dan Burns, Headteacher, Oxenhope Primary School, Keighley


A really good day. Broad range of activities. Current and up-to-date information and guidance. Felt able and confident enough to ask questions. A brilliant, informative and empowering day. Sarah Burton, Wibsey Primary School, Bradford


We will now be able to celebrate what we are already doing for SMSC and identify gaps together. June Cooke, Headteacher, Ightham Primary School, Kent


This course will enable me to support others to develop their understanding of SMSC. Jodie Palmer, Holmbush Primary School, West Sussex


This course helped define guidance with inspirational ideas connecting curriculum areas. Thanks for a really positive day when so much is currently doom and gloom! Michael Merriman, Rednock School, Gloucestershire 


This course will have an impact on whole school through helping with CPD and sharing with staff the importance of SMSC to school life. Thought-provoking, useful and detailed. Jayne Bradley, Fairfield Park Lower School, Hertfordshire


All aspects of the day were well organised and structured, there was a good balance of theory and activityJenny Stone, Headteacher, Fairfield Park Lower School, Hertfordshire


Thinking about SMSC? Think no further. This course met all our Worth Valley Learning Network objectives. Informative, practical, high-quality, tried-and-tested resources rooted in the classroom get you ready for that Ofsted! Janet Parkinson, Headteacher and Chair of Worth Valley Learning Network


The most useful piece of training I’ve been on for a long time because you are speaking from practical experience. Anna Longhawn, Leeds Fieldhead Carr Primary 


This course has given me a clear idea of where I need to go next. I now feel clear on Ofsted expectations. Encouraging knowing I am on the right lines and now feeling more able to prioritise. Martha Fairclough, Bedford High School 


Put my mind to rest! Great to come away from a course feeling we are already doing OK but comfortable in how to move forward. Pippa Langston, The King’s School, Pontefract


Thank you for developing my personal knowledge and giving me ideas which will have an impact on my teaching. Caroline Jessop, Allerton Primary School 


I have a clear understanding of SMSC and how this fits in with the changes to Ofsted inspections. I also feel confident to drive SMSC within the school in the future. Steve Banks, The King’s School, Pontefract


So much fantastic information that I just want to go back to school now and share the whole day with staff. They made such a scary element of the Ofsted framework an exciting adventure. Halina Rooney, Sudbury Primary School, Brent


Far beyond expectations – thank you so much. I feel overwhelmed but inspired by the impact SMSC can have on our children and school. Babita Khialani, Portway Primay School, Newham 


Good foundations set at the start of the day, with lots of useful examples and really helpful practical activities. Great to be able to take frameworks, books and resources away. Liz Bowes, Outreach Coordinator, NEAD, Nofolk 


The staff knowledge is amazing and the session covered everything using a variety of activities and information. The resources were excellent and ongoing support was offered. This has been the best CPD I have ever attended! Rachel Williams, The Academy, Selsey 


I would like to reiterate what I said on the day. Absolutely brilliant course run by two exceptionally enthusiastic, knowledgeable individuals. I’m pretty modest in my praise most of the time but it was terrific!!! Patrick Barrett, The Eastwood Academy, Leigh-on-Sea


I would just like to thank you for running this course. It was absolutely outstanding, and the information surpassed all of our expectations. It was extremely well delivered, and the information packs and handouts will be very useful in delivering effective insets in school. I was particularly impressed at how both the presenters shared real-life experiences (and not squirreled them away so that their own schools look good) and the amount of knowledge and understanding they both shared on SMSC. I came away confident in presenting an inset in school myself. Halina Rooney, Sudbury Primary School, Brent