The linking programme in Luton, which began in 2010, is an important part of Luton Local Authority’s core delivery.

There are 22 schools engaged in the Luton linking programme, with more classes due to come on board. The classes involved are all primary and mainly Year 4 and 5.

Read about two of the schools neutral venue visit to Dell Farm in Luton Neutral Venue Visit.

A teacher has been seconded to work on the programme one day a week and, interestingly, is also running a link with her own Year 4 class.  Funding for the teacher’s salary has been granted from the local authority.  Significantly, the continuation of the SLN linking programme is written into the ‘Council Cohesion Plan’ and this has been crucial to the sustainability of the project.

The CPD has been organised in ‘bite-sized chunks’, with five after school planning meetings held throughout the year at different host schools.  This approach has worked well with experienced teachers able to support new teachers in the project.  Teachers attend the sessions and the information sharing has been inspiring.  At each CPD the host school showcases some of their work, which helps to engage the linking teachers.  The CPD sessions have included additional focus on SMSC, national initiatives and good practice.

Presentations were made to Luton head teachers and councillors, which has successfully created broader interest in the programme.  The link between SMSC, leadership, management and overall effectiveness has generated interest from head teachers.  Interest in the programme is expected to increase as schools become more aware of the link between Schools Linking and the SMSC Ofsted judgement.

Luton is keen to develop secondary linking work in the future – follow the link to see how linking has progressed in Luton during 2012.

Click here to view a video on linking in Luton.

Quotes from Luton

“SLN will help to connect the local primary schools and enable children from different backgrounds to meet and converse with others.  We hope that this experience will enable them to grow up as responsible citizens of the town and give them the skills they need for later life.” Advisor, SLN Programme, Luton

“All partner organisations have expressed strong desire to continue working with SLN next year and beyond to spread the impact.” Advisor, SLN Programme, Luton

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