The Wild Book

A new SLN resource based on ‘The Wild Book’ by the award-winning Cuban-American poet Margarita Engle engages students in discussions around the potential barriers to learning, concepts of hope and a sense of belonging.

The Wild Book is a vibrant novel in verse which paints a glowing portrait of the author’s grandmother as a young girl.  The poems tell the story of Fefa and her struggles with dyslexia or, as the doctor in the story describes it, ‘word-blindness’.

The resource, which is featured in Books & More under the Inspiration for Learning section on the website, explores the use of stories to address potential barriers to learning.

The Wild Book resource focuses on the Key Questions: How Can We Remove Barriers to Learning? and How Do We Support Learners to Find a Place to Belong?  It is ideal for Key Stage 2 – 4, and uses a poem to engage students in a number of discussion and dialogue activities, including one which asks students to write a letter of encouragement to Fefa.

Visit The Wild Book Resource

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