Audio Resources

Radio clips from SLN school linking programmes, where students discuss a variety of topics such as ‘What is Britishness?’.  

These audio snippets can be used both in the classroom, and as tools to accompany linking activities and teaching resources. 

What is “Britishness”?

Secondary school students participated in a SLN ‘Question Time’ event, which was also filmed by BBC Panorama. This audio clip is a selection of responses to the question ‘What is Britishness?’


What is Racism?

Young people’s responses during a workshop on racism.


WDWTWA Radio Clips

Two students from Titus Salt School, Saltaire on work experience with SLN captured the ‘Who Do We Think We Are?’ week.


Many Faces, Many Voices – Secondary

Students from Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College responding to the question ‘Who am I?’ during a Who Do We Think We Are’ event.


Many Faces, Many Voices – Primary

Students from Atlas Primary and Low Ash Primary during their Many Faces, Many Voices’ exhibition at Cartwright Hall, Bradford.